Help With Facebook Accounts - One Time Gig - $50/hr

Please review the following details to see if you’re a right fit. Thank you! (2 min read)


Our company needs help setting up additional Facebook ad accounts in order to grow our business.

What are Facebook Advertising Accounts

Every Facebook profile can create and access a free set of marketing tools that allow you to advertise on Facebook (called Facebook ad accounts).

Most people have no use for these accounts, so we are compensating anyone who isn’t advertising on facebook to help us set up a new ad account.

To be clear, your personal information and personal facebook profile will NOT be accessed, used, or touched in any way.

Your personal profile and facebook ad account are two entirely separate things.

There is simply a limit to how many Facebook ad accounts each profile can have at any one time so we need more to keep growing our business.

So if you’d like to be compensated for something you aren’t using, let us know 🙂

"Yes I’m Interested But What Do I Need To Do?"

The process is super quick and easy.

Step 1: Schedule A Time For A Quick 10 Minute Call

Click here to find a time that works for you here:

Once you schedule a call, you will receive a calendar event with a Google meeting link.

Step 2: Click On The Google Meeting Link At Your Scheduled Time

At your scheduled time, simply click the Google meeting link inside the calendar event to jump on a call with one of our tech guys. (There is nothing to download. Just click the link and the meeting will open up in your browser).

NOTE: you do not need to have video turned on if you don’t want to. Audio by itself is fine.

NOTE 2: You can be on your phone or your desktop computer. Whichever you normally use for facebook is fine.

Step 3: Our tech guys will walk you through the process

Our tech guys will walk you through the process of creating and sharing an ad account. Whole process will take maybe 10-15 minutes but we will pay you for a full hour of your time. ($50/hr)

Step 4: We pay you through your desired method.

Right after our call, we’ll pay you $50 to your payment method of choice. (PayPal, venmo, cash app, etc.)

What Is Required Of Me?


  • You set aside 10-15 minutes of time for our call.
  • You’re not currently advertising on facebook.
  • That’s it!

Know Someone Who’s A Good Fit For This Gig?

We’ll pay you $20 for every person you refer. To refer someone, simply make an email introduction with

Ready To Get Started?

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